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German I description and purpose

This course is designed to develop the students' communication skills through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will learn the vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate effectively about themselves and their basic needs in the target language. Students will also understand the value of studying the German language and culture and how it applies not only to other content areas, but to career options.

German II description and purpose

In German II students will continue to develop communicative proficiency in the area of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. The communication focus goes beyond the self to the local and global communities.

German III description and purpose

The focus in level III is German as the language of classroom communication and instruction. The students continue to learn and refine their skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking within a cultural context. The increasing sophistication of their language skills and cultural knowledge is incorporated into activities allowing them to compare and connect to other academic areas and cultures.

German IV description and purpose

The fourth year in the sequence continues the development of listening, reading, writing and speaking of the German language. The students will learn the final fundamentals of grammar and will also be introduced to the literary aspects of the language. A variety of materials and media will help to internalize the structure of the langauge and its varied cultural influence. Students will be able to draw connections to their own native language and culture.

German V description and purpose

The emphasis of German V is active communication. We strive to develop the following skills:
  • a strong command of vocabulary and structure
  • to understand spoken German in various situations
  • to read newspaper and magazine articles
  • to fluently and accurately express ideas orally and in writing
Instructional content will reflect interests shared by the students and teacher. The course seeks to develop language skills that are useful in themselves and that can be applied to various activities and disciplines rather than being limited to any specific body of subject matter. Extensive training in the organization and writing of composition's will result in several student created projects.

German students are invited to participate in the Waukesha South-Darmstadt exchange to Germany (which takes place in odd-numbered years).
South students travel to Germnay for three weeks during the summer vacation and live with families, attend school, and tour local areas of interests and another region of Germany. German students return the visit in fall. This is an excellent opportunity for a practical application of what we do in class.