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French I || French II || French IV || French V

French I description and purpose

This course is designed to develop the students' communication skills in French through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will learn the vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate effectively about themselves and their basic needs in the target language. Students will also understand the value of studying French language and culture and how it applies not only to other content areas, but also to career options.

French II/III description and purpose

In French II and III students will continue to develop communicative proficiency in the area of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language.

French IV description and purpose

The fourth year in the sequence continues development of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language. The students will learn the final fundamentals of grammar and will also be introduced to the literary aspects of the language. A variety of materials and media will help to internalize the structure of the language and it's varied cultural influence. Students will be able to draw connections to their own language and culture.

French V description and purpose

The emphasis of French V is active communication in the target language while striving to develop the following skills:
  • a strong command of vocabulary and structure
  • to understand spoken French in various situations
  • to read newspaper and magazine articles
  • to fluently and accurately express ideas orally and in writing
Extensive training in the organization and writing of compositions will result in several student-created projects.