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Wall of Fame

Tim Cahill

Class Of: 1962
Inducted In: 2001

Best selling author Tim Cahill has lived a life of adventure and made a living writing about it. A founding editor of Outside Magazine, Cahill has spent over 25 years traveling to the most remote areas on earth as an everyman traveler. He has written seven books about his adventures, blending humor with thorough explanations about cultures and scenery little known to most of his readers. His adventures range from swimming under the North Pole, to riding horseback with Mongolian nomads, to locating several lost cities in the cloud forests of Peru. Cahill has contributed to several National Geographic Society publications, the New York Times Book Review and Esquire as well as numerous other national magazines. Cahill is also the co-author of three IMAX screenplays: The Living Sea and Dolphins --- both of which were nominated for an Academy Award --- as well as the critically acclaimed Everest, the most successful IMAX film in history. In high school, Tim was a member of the National Honor Society, the football team, and achieved all-state recognition in swimming.

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