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Wall of Fame

William G. Callow

Class Of: 1939
Inducted In: 2001

William Callow began practicing law following service in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 1948. The next three decades of Callow’s legal career featured four elected terms as the Waukesha City Attorney and three elected terms as a Waukesha County circuit judge. In 1977, Callow was elected to the first of two ten year terms as Justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin until his retirement in 1992. Justice Callow has served as a faculty member of the Wisconsin Judicial College, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, and a labor dispute arbitrator at the request of labor and management. As a high school student, Justice Callow was involved in student council and A Capella choir. Throughout his legal career, Justice Callow returned to Waukesha South as a guest speaker many times. During the 1970’s Justice Callow authored “You and the Law,” a publication intended for high school students published by the State Bar of Wisconsin. Justice Callow continues to serve as a reserve judge.

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