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Wall of Fame

Jim Kerr

Class Of: 1958
Inducted In: 2004

Jim Kerr, Class of 1958. While attending Waukesha High School, Jim Kerr was a member of both the Cross Country State Championship team and Swimming State Championship team. He was named to the All American Swimming Team three times while in high school and additionally several times during his collegiate years at the University of Michigan. In 1957 and again in 1963, Jim set the US National swimming record in the 50 yard freestyle. In 1964, he was named to the Olympic team in Tokyo, Japan where he earned a Silver Medal competing in the Modern Pentathlon. In 1965 he was off to Sardinia, Italy, competing with in the Free World Championships where they were again awarded a Silver Medal. In 1967, his team won a Bronze Medal in the Pre-Olympic Games in Mexico City. He was also in the USA National Fencing Championships in Long Island, New York. There his team was awarded a Silver Medal and he was a finalist in the Individual Epee. In 1967 he was a member of the NYC Metropolitan Fencing Championships, winning a Gold Medal in both Epee Team and Epee Individual. In 1984, Jim was in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles competing as an athlete and team leader on the US Virgin Islands Fencing team, as well as the Central American and Caribbean games. Though currently living in the Virgin Islands, Jim still proclaims he’s “still from Waukesha – couldn’t be prouder!”

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