Why study a foreign language?

There are many reasons for learning a foreign language. Which of these reasons is most important to you?

1. Learning a foreign language may help you find a more interesting, better-paying job.

2. Chnaces are good that someday you'll travel to a foreign country. Whatever your reason for going, whether it be vacation, study or business, you'll get a lot more out of your stay if you can speak the language.

3. If you plan to attend college, you'll find that many university programs require some foreign-language study. Taking a language now can improve your chances of admission and give you a head start on meeting your degree requirements. You may earn retroactive credits (FREE college credits) based on your years of high school study. To get the "retros", the student takes the foreign language placement exam given by his/her university in the spring or summer before freshman year. The university then determines your placement level. The student must earn an "A" or a "B" in the college class where they have been placed to earn the retro credit.

4. One of the best reasons for studying a foreign language is the satisfaction. Studying another language is a challenge to the mind, and you get a great feeling of accomplishment the first time you have a conversation in the chosen langauge. Learning a foreign langauge can open up a whole new world of information, entertainment, and adventure.